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North America Climate

North(Alaska, Canada)

Being within the Arctic circle the weather can be very cold in winter with temperatures down to -40C. In winter the days get very short. Through out the year the Northern areas can have permanent snow cover and the coastal waters can be permanently frozen. In summers temperatures can be high but frost and snow can occur through out the year. The ground is frozen for most of the year although in some areas it may thaw out in the summer.


The centre areas can have unpredictable and changeable weather. The Great Plains and Canadian prairies due to there low lying landscape offer little resistance to winds from the coast. The west has less rain fall than the east this gives rise to the southern deserts.


The coastal areas offer a more pleasant climate. The Rockies on the west coast act as a giant wind break to the coastal winds. The sea breezes help to moderate the temperatures by cooling in the summer and warming in the winter.

Popular Destinations

New York Can have extremes including high humidity in summer and freezing weather in winter.

Florida Tropical Climate with warm sunny winters and tropical summer rain falls. Prone to tornados and hurricanes.

When to go

CanadaAll Year
United States of AmericaAll Year

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