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Middle East Climate

There is very little rain in this area with a large portion of the area being desert. Great care needs to be taking when travelling to avoid sun stroke and heat exhaustion. In the hottest months deserts should be avoided by the independent traveller unless you have survival skills. Along the coastal areas there is high humidity.

To the north the desert turns to great steppes, in this area expect extremes of temperature and rain in winter and spring. Over the rest of the area rain falls between March and November. Floods can occur due from March to May.

Along the Mediterranean coast the summers are long and hot and the winters mild and wet. The coastal areas can be humid but this is usually counteract by a steady breeze.

When to go

Afghanistan Jun - Sep
Bahrain Dec - Mar
Iran Nov - Mar
Iraq Nov - Mar
Israel All Year
Jordan All Year
Kuwait Oct to May
Lebanon Mar - Nov
Oman Aug - May
Qatar Oct - May
Saudi Arabia Oct - Apr
Syria Apr-Jun, Sep - Oct
United Arab Emirates Oct - May
Yemen Oct - Apr

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