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Far East Climate


Due to China being such a large country different areas experience different climates. The north and north-west have a dry continental climate while the weather in the centre and south tends to be tropical, humid and rainy. The best time to visit are in autumn and spring when the climate is fairly moderate. The summer is between May to September and can be very hot. There is a monsoon season in the south between June and August. During the winter the north experiences clear skies, snow and icy winds. In the south the winters tend to be milder with temperatures always above freezing.


The best time to visit is Spring and Autumn. Summer temperatures can be high and in the winters some areas can be very cold.


The best time to visit is the spring which runs late September to early November when there are warm sunny days and cool evenings. The spring is also a good time to visit but can be windy. The rainy season is from late June to early August giving a very hot period with high humidity.

Hong Kong

Dry and cool winter, hot and humid summers. The best time to visit is the autumn season which runs September to December, at this time there is less humidity and the days are often clear. There is a typhoon season which runs July to August.


Macau has the same weather as Hong Kong but tends to be cooler due to the sea breeze.


The wettest period is October to January on the East coast and October to November on the West coast. The best times to visit are October and April to May.

The Philippines

The best time to visit is November to March. The hottest period is March to May. The rainy season is May to November.Typhoons can occur July to September north of Samar to Luzon. South of Samar it is comfortable enough to travel in the wet season, since the rain is broken by long sunny periods.


There is no wet or dry season. The constant heat is only effect by sea breezes. There are frequent rain showers all year.


Hot, humid tropical climate. The hottest months are March to May. The wet season is between June and October. The hottest months are March to May.

When to go

Cambodia Dec - Apr
China All Year
Hong Kong Oct to May
Japan All Year
Korea (North & South)May - Jun, Sep - Oct
Macau Oct - Mar
Malaysia Jan - Mar
Mongolia May - Sep
Myanmar Nov - Apr
Nepal Oct - May
Philippines Nov - Jun
Singapore Feb - Oct
Sri Lanka Jul - Sep, Jan - Mar
Taiwan Nov - May
Thailand Nov - Feb
Vietnam Nov - Apr

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