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Europe Climate

European weather in most areas has 4 seasons winter being November to March and summer June to September.

Northern Europe

The most extreme weather in Europe is found in Northern Europe. Here there are long bitterly cold winters with little or no day light. In the summer however temperatures are pleasant although still cool in the extreme North where they also have 24 hour sunlight.

Central Europe

Winters are typically overcast with rain, some colder days in January and February with occasional short lived snow. In higher and in land countries snow can lay for several months of the year. Summers are typically mild and temperatures can vary wildly. Rain can fall at any time of year.

Southern Europe

Summer is hot but pleasant with low humidity. Winters are mild with little or no snow. Rain tends to fall in short heavy downfalls with fewer overcast days than further North.

When to go

AlbaniaMay - Jun, Sep - Oct
Andorra All Year
Austria All Year
Belgium All Year
Bulgaria Apr -Sep
Cyprus All Year
Czech Republic May - Sep
Denmark All Year
Estonia Apr - Oct
Finland All Year
France All Year
Germany All Year
Gibralter All Year
Greece Apr - Oct
Greenland May - Sep
Guernsey All Year
Hungary All Year
Iceland All Year
Ireland All Year
Italy All Year
Jersey All Year
Latvia Apr - Oct
Liechtenstien All Year
Lithuania Apr - Oct
Luxembourg All Year
Macedonia Apr - Sep
MaltaApr - Sep
Moldovia May - Sep
Monaco All Year
NetherlandsAll Year
Norway May - Sep
Poland All Year
Portugal Mar - Oct
Romania May - Oct
San Marino All Year
Slovak Republic May - Sep
Slovenia May - Sep
Spain All Year
Sweden May - Sep
Switzerland All Year
Turkey Apr -Oct
Ukraine May - Sep
United Kingdom All Year

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