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Australasia Subcontinent Climate


The weather conditions for most of the country are fairly constant. The east is the wettest part of the country where along with the south-east rain can fall all year. The rain fall in the North and North East occur occurs between November and April. The South and West have rains July to August. North West and North East areas can have severe weather including cyclones. Tasmania has a similar climate to Britain.

New Zealand

Similar climate to Britain. The North has mild winters and warm humid summers. Snow can fall in the winter and can fall year round in the South. The best time to visit is December to March.

Papua New Guinea

Hot and wet tropical climate all year. Rains can be heavy. The highlands generally have a pleasant climate while the coast can be humid.

When to go

Australia All Year
Fiji May to Oct
Indonesia Jun - Sep
New Caledonia All Year
New Zealand All Year
Papua New Guinea May - Nov

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