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Visa Hints

Visas are required to visit many countries. Basically they are a stamp in your passport. Some are available at the border the rest you have to get before you reach the border. They all have a validity varying from 6 months to 2 weeks. Some are valid from the date of entry the others from the date of issue. The cost of a visa for a specific country varies depending where you apply for it.

Depending on how tight your travelling schedule is it may be better to try and get all the visa you need before you leave on your trip. Usually they will take a couple of days to process so you may be stuck in a city you don't necessarily want to be in waiting for your visa.

Often you will need to get a reference from your embassy for the visa so remember to allow time to run around.

The following are a few hints to help you through the process.

  • Reference in the destination country? With this sort question get a guide book or check out the home office web sight for the UK embassy or consulate address in the destination country and use that.

  • Address in destination country. Similar to the above find an address in the capital of a reasonable hotel and use that.

  • When filling out multiple forms if they won't let you photocopy them then use carbon paper.

  • Always carry plenty of spare passport photographs if your plans change and you need to get or renew a visa en-route you'll need them.

  • When your on the road and your trying to get a visa. Put on your smartest rags, have a bath, comb your hair before going to the embassy. You'll stand a much better chance of getting it.

  • If your visiting Israel get them to stamp a piece of paper rather than your passport. Some countries won't let you in with an Israeli visa.

  • Check the times of embassies before rolling up. They usually have separate times for applying and picking up your visa.

    Officials at borders and embassies are always right!

    Unless you want to be turned away.

    K.Vans-Colina 1992-2002