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Psion Backpack Traveller V1.02


All the information held on the Backpack Traveller web site can now be down loaded onto a Psion. Thats over 3800 (Version 1.02) records covering every country in the world. Obviously if your not interested in some of the countries then you can delete the records you don't want.
The file is a database file in .dbf format for the Psion 3a and 3c. The Series 5 version is the older version 1.00 of the database if any one can convert the newer version and email it to me that would be great.

Down Load Information

The file size is about 80K in .zip format and expands to about 250K so be warned it'll take up a lot of room on your Psion if you have limited memory.
Once downloaded unzip the file and copy it across to the /dat directory on your psion. It should appear under the database icon on the system menu.

Terms & Conditions

  1. By down loading this file you except that the information may be out dated, inaccurate or worse. The world changes faster than this can be updated.
  2. The author excepts no liabilty for anything that occurs through use of this information.
  3. If you find an error, omission or would like to send updated information then please contact the author.

Click on the file you want
Version 1.02 Series 3a / 3c
Version 1.00 Series 5


Down load number:

Thanks to Kjell-Ingvar Karlsson for the Series 5 conversion.

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