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Bugs & Lice

One of the things people living in the western world have little experience of is the small parasitic insects that like living of you.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs usually life in dirty bedding and mattress. If there are any indication of them such as spots of blood on the bed or wall then either move to another room or another hotel. You can get them out of bedding using insecticide. If you wake in the morning with rows of little itchy spots then the chances are that they are caused by bed bugs. To sooth the bites calamine lotion can be used.


Lice occur in the western world as well as when you are abroad. The one you are most likely to have come into contact with are head lice. Other types are body lice which live in clothes and crabs that live in pubic hair. They get on you body by sharing combs, clothing or bodily contact. Lice can be combed out with special combs, special shampoo or powder. Clothing and bedding should be washed in hot water (at least 60C) to make sure the lice are killed.


Ticks occur in certain parts of the world and attach themselves to you by contact. They can cause skin infection and can spread other diseases. If you walk through a tick infested area then check all over your body. To remove a tick do not pull on the back of the body as the ticks stomach contents can be forced into your skin. Press down on the head with tweezers and pull the head gently upwards.

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