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Tents come in all shapes and sizes to cope with conditions from summer camping to surviving gale force winds on mountain tops. There are several factors to think about when buying a tent.

Tent Shapes

Tent Poles


Try to find a flat area of land, check for sharp stones or plants which may damage the bottom of the tent. Find a sheltered spot and pitch with the wind to the back of the tent. If your staying in one place for a period of time move your tent occasionally to help prevent damage to the ground underneath. Use 6 inch nails instead of tent pegs, you can hit them a lot harder in hard ground. Always carry some spare tent pegs.

Packing Up

If you tent has got damp due to rain, frost, dew, etc. then make sure its properly dried out before you store it for any length of time.


If there are several of you back packing then split the weight of the tent between various packs. You can use a compression bag on the tent fabric and wrap the tent poles in your sleeping mat, strapped to your pack.


Remember to seal the seams on your tent when you first get it. From time to type the outer layer will need reproofing. Its better to proof preventively rather than having a leaky tent that will get all your gear soaking.

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